Millab E01

Compact yet mighty

Precision engineering and cutting-edge tech converge in this portable powerhouse. Don't settle for less; experience the strength of Millab, where greatness comes in a small, exceptional package.

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Power In Your Palm

The compact integrated design eliminates the necessity for repetitive motor disassembly, allowing for effortless operation with Millab's streamlined process of directly loading beans and enjoying a seamless grinding experience. This enables you to fully focus on savoring the impeccable cup of coffee.

Effortless Brewing

Simply add the beans, press the button, and you're all set.

Precision Grind

'Spike to Cut' grinding technique, enhancing particle size distribution and sensory performance.

Flavorful Fusion

A cup of 'sweet and clean' pour-over coffe with a rich layer of flavor and heightened sweetness.

Palate Pleasures Unleashed Anytime, Anywhere

Crafted to perfection, Millab offers unparalleled convenience without compromising on quality. Experience the freedom to elevate your coffee ritual anytime, anywhere with Millab.

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Trust me, a Millab coffee grinder is essential for fresher, more aromatic flavors and a customizable brewing experience.

Jenny - CoffeeLover @jenny1234

Upgrade your coffee experience with Millab coffee grinder.

Sophie - CoffeeLover (@sophie1234)

Extreme build quality, solid as rock. Unbelievable how much quality steel it weights.

Juliano Caldeira


About Our Team

Rather than just a new brand, it's an exploration of more possibilities in the realm of grinding.

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